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Objekt-ID 12456 | Aufrufe 263



Land Lettland
LV-5133 Nereta region
Preis 472.000€
Objektart Ackerland
Fläche 143.78 ha
Property consists of 3 blocks, whereof the largest block is 100.9 hectares. All agricultural land in this block is cultivated with grain crops last 5 years.  The second block is in distance of 3.5 km and size 14.08 hectares, these lands are used as pastures for the beef-cattle. The third block is approximately 15 km from second one. All areas are applied for EU area payments each year.
At the moment, the agricultural land is rented out. 
Property located in Central-South part of Latvia, in Nereta district, Mazzalve municipality, ~85 km from capital Riga, and ~45 km from the district centre Aizkraukle with approximately 10’000 inhabitants.

Kontakt zum Anbieter

Firma AQ AgriEstate Ltd

LV4101 Cesis

Mobil: +37164107185


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