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Objekt-ID 12384 | Aufrufe 137
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Land Lettland
LV-5208 Viesite/Akniste
Preis 1.259.265€
Objektart Ackerland
Fläche 359.79 ha
Property in South-East part of Latvia, which is located approx. 132 km from the capital city Riga and about 35 km from city Jekabpils. Properties are owned by one limited liability company and can be purchased with the company.
The real estate consists of 15 land units with a total area of 359,79 ha of which 305,50 ha is agricultural land, 37.40 ha forest and 16,89 ha other type of land that usually includes roads, channels under buildings etc.
All agriculture land units are meliorated/drained and suitable to cultivate summer or winter grain, rape.

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Firma ActusQ Ltd

LV4101 Cesis

Mobil: +37164107185

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